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multimedia lectern

Customised acrylic lectern with multimedia features

We frequently have enquiries from customers who have seen one of our standard products on line, but would like to make a few changes so the item suits their specific needs.  Our adjustable acrylic lectern is a perfect example of this bespoke work! The customer loved the design and curves on our standard acrylic lectern

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Heated Drying Cabinets

Heated cabinets are an easy and cost effective way to keep moisture sensitive components dry during the manufacturing process. By keeping the temperature above the atmospheric dew point no moisture will condense out onto the components thereby preventing the onset of corrosion during the manufacturing storage process. These cabinets are not low humidity desiccator cabinets

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Nitrogen Generators

A nitrogen membrane provides a cost effective way of separating air into its constituent gases. Because this technology has no moving parts and consumes very little power, it is economical to operate and maintain – the main cost is the compressed used to feed the system. Each unit contains the following: Gas pressure control valves

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PETG and Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Waycon design have been producing special purpose machine guards for the manufacturing industry including the food and drink sector and pharmaceutical sector for over 25 years. In the specialist areas of the Food and Drink sectors and Pharmaceutical, guards are usually produced in Polycarbonate and PETG because of their shatterproof properties.  Where high levels of

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Mobile Phone Shop Design & Components

Waycon Design can produce bespoke displays for the Mobile Phone environment.  Let us work with you to create your vision. We have worked with clients to produce eye-grabbing components or entire displays to show off Mobile Phone products, these walled display or standalone units were designed to appeal visually, entice the customer to interact with the

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Hygienic Cladding Solutions

Waycon Design offers a range of hygienic cladding solutions that can be applied to new or old surfaces to create a sealed clean room environment.  These chemically resistant, hygienic and attractive wall cladding solutions ensure a quick and durable finish in clinical situations. The uPVC range of material is 2.5mm thick comes in gloss (12

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Bespoke Sunglasses and Optical Display Units

Bespoke design of Opticians Displays and spectacle displays. Lots of clients have come to us for our unique design service of Sunglassess & Optical display stands. These optical displays can be designed to meet your needs, using the very latest design software by Solid Works we can 3D model bespoke designs of opticians displays, giving

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Racking Solutions for Transportable Dessicator Cabinets

These single door desiccators can be racked up one on top of another to make tidy stands that are easy to move around a production facility. The racks allow the nitrogen supply to be fed into a manifold from the back of each cabinet and out through the side, with each cabinet controlled by a

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