Bespoke Lock Displays

DSC_3874We have designed and produced a number of bespoke lock displays over the last year or so, all requiring completely bespoke design to display locks in full working order.

Working with some of the biggest lock manufacturers in the industry, the first design we took on was to display a product range of hotel door handles and locks, designed to demonstrate the inner workings of the locks, and how various different key cards worked with different lock designs.  With this product, we custom built a clear inner panel, which the locking mechanism sat into (like it would on a door).  The clear acrylic was the perfect material as it made all the inner workings of the lock completely visible, and perfect for demonstrations.

The outside of the lock was then surrounded by a frosted acrylic panel, and was housed on a clear acrylic circular base.  The company logo was then printed onto the display.

One of the other designs we worked on housed a full set of door locks, displaying both elements of the lock on one large back panel.  This allowed the customer to demonstrate all their products together and provide product comparisons.

The unit was made from 18mm Melamine faced MDF, which the locks were securely fitted to.  The unit was branded and had two removable feet to allow for easy transportation.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke display systems and these lock displays are a great example of our capabilities.

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