Customised acrylic lectern with multimedia features

acrylic lecternWe frequently have enquiries from customers who have seen one of our standard products on line, but would like to make a few changes so the item suits their specific needs.  Our adjustable acrylic lectern is a perfect example of this bespoke work!

The customer loved the design and curves on our standard acrylic lectern LK13, but wanted to have the unit adjustable (for viewing from different heights), have a digital screen built in, and also the ability to connect and charge a laptop or similar device.

In order to have all these features built in, the design of the lectern developed quite dramatically, but without losing the feature curves the customer was initially attracted to.

The main body of the lectern has two ergonomically designed five pointed handles which unscrew to enable the head of the lectern to slide up or down.modern lectern

The top of the lectern features a digital screen which sits flush to the unit, so any paperwork, or a laptop can also sit on the shelf without damaging the screen.

Neatly housed below the screen are a wide selection of inputs such as power, HDMI, USB (x2), VGA and Audio.

The lectern itself is constructed from a mix of Brushed Dibond, Glass effect Acrylic, and MFC.

Finally, there are two microphones mounted to the head of the lectern.

This podium is perfect for use in Universities, exhibition halls, churches and events.