Desiccator Design Service

Waycon Design is part of the Luminati group of companies, a highly creative team of engineers and technicians that have a heritage in the design of industrial storage. What ever your requirement call the team and talk to them about dry storage desiccators.

These Nitrogen storage cabinets can be designed to suit your product needs and often this is more cost effective that choosing cabinets that are of the incorrect size. The list of standard cabinets below are all made in house at Luminati Waycon Ltd. and are there either as a suggestion of size or a guide to typical sizing.

If you can tell us how you use your product that requires dry storage and the criticality of the storage environment, a little about the size and quantity that require storage and how often the cabinet will be accessed, we will be able to provide the technical assistance.

We fabricate or supply dry storage cabinets / vacuum desiccators / Nitrogen storage cabinets for the electronics, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and other industrial or production environments that handle moisture sensitive devices. Whether your application would require a Nitrogen purged or desiccant dehumidifier tray we can provide off the shelf desiccators or bespoke fabrication to your requirements.

We are also able to provide warming cabinets as well as dry. We have standard product solutions that can be offered.

  • Safe
  • Dust Free
  • Moisture Control Environments
  • Nitrogen Desiccators
  • Vacuum Desiccators
  • Dry Cabinets
  • Desiccant Dehumidifier Units


Prices for standard desiccator Cabinets manufactured in 10mm and 6mm cast acrylic/perspex.

Order Code Description Dimensions Price
3100-01 1 Door 1 Shelf 300h 300w 300d £416.59
3100-02 2 Door 2 Comp 1 Shelf each 600h 300w 300d £666.54
3100-03 2 Door 2 Comp 2 Shelves each 600h 400w 400d £800.09
3100-04 3 Door 3 Comp 1 Shelf each 700h 360w 360d £952.72


Description Price
Flowmeters 0.5-3 Litres per min each £88.39
Stainless Steel Shelves per sq ft £41.30
Non-return Valves each £26.81
Anti Static Earthing (per chamber) each £64.92
Additional Perspex Shelves per sq ft £27.53
Door Locks each £43.47
Stands in White Epoxy P.O.A


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