Nitrogen Generator

State of the Art and cost effective nitrogen generators

A nitrogen membrane provides a low-cost, highly efficient means of separating air into its component gases. Because this technology requires no moving parts and consumes relatively little energy, it is surprisingly economical to operate and maintain—the main expense is the energy required to provide a stream of compressed feed air. Each system contains gas pressure control valves and instruments, a coalescing filter and carbon filter (which removes particles and liquid vapors from the feed line), and the nitrogen membrane module.

This Nitrogen Generator will make a fast return on investment if you are running multiple cabinets.

  • State of the art membrane separation technology produces dry nitrogen up to 99.9% purity
  • Eliminates drawbacks of conventional nitrogen sources—gives you control of rate and purity of nitrogen production
  • Delivers gas flows up to 400 SCFH or more depending on nitrogen purity requirements (even higher flows possible if only dryness is desired)
  • Compact, lightweight design allows set-up wherever there’s a compressed air supply
  • Ideal for the complete range of cleanroom applications—from glove boxes to automatic storage systems
  • Simplicity of field-proven design ensures completely reliable, economical operation, virtually eliminates maintenance
  • Three models available with three flow ranges.


No. 2700-09A  No. 2700-11A  No. 2700-12A

Design Simplicity Means Easy, Reliable Operation

Because the heart of the system, the membrane module, contains no moving parts, it requires no maintenance. The only attention a system typically needs is an occasional recalibration of the oxygen analyzer and filter change. Even if one module’s performance should drop below purity specifications, it can simply be valved off until it can be repaired or replaced

Once the system is set up, you simply switch to START and push the RESET button to open the feed valve. After about three minutes, when gas purity levels are met, a product valve opens to deliver the nitrogen gas to your process line.

Each Nitrogen Generator consists of a membrane module, controls and instrumentation, and coalescing filters and traps to remove oil and liquids, organic contaminants, and other particulates from the feed air. Installation merely requires piping compressed air to the system, piping the nitrogen and oxygen-rich streams to their destinations, and calibrating the system’s oxygen analyser from time to time.


Nitrogen Generators
Purity vs. Flow Rates (@100 PSI Inlet feed, 72°F, 22°C*)







No. 2700-12A




No. 2700-11A




No. 2700-09A




*Higher flow rates for a given purity can be achieved with high feed pressure and temperature. Contact Terra for information on high-pressure compressors and inline gas heaters.
High-Capacity Nitrogen Generator
Note:These are typical values for the most common models. Specialized systems can be tailor-made to suit individual applications.
Housing: Powder-coated white CR steel cabinet with polypropylene leveling feet
Feed Air Pressure: 200 PSIG max.
Feed Air Temperature: 40ºF to 122ºF
4°C to 50°C
Nitrogen Outlet Flow: See graphs below
Prefilter: One-micron absolute filtration. Dual glass micro-fiber filter beds coalesce and remove water droplets. Remaining oil content: 1 ppm by weight. Includes slide indicator (to indicate need for filter change), liquid level indicator and internal drain. ISO 8573.1 Quality Class – Solids: Class 2, Oil Content: Class 4
Coalescing Filter: Absolute filtration of 0.01µm particles; 99.999=% oil removal efficiency. Includes slide indicator (to indicate need for filter change), liquid level indicator and internal drain ISO 8573.1 Quality Class – Solids: class 1, Oil Content: Class 1
Membrane Module: Semipermeable hollow fiber bundles
Electrical Requirements: Required only for user-supplied-air compressor