Smart Desiccator

Smart Desiccator systems maximize yields of sensitive materials with an automatic monitoring and control system that works  by the operator setting the humidity Level.

The feedback system continuously monitors the cabinet’s relative humidity and then regulates the dry nitrogen supply. This is more economical than a constant purge system that is slightly more cost effective in the capital outlay.


It has an LED display and sensor module making it very user friendly.  The only installation considerations are one Nitrogen supply and one low voltage power supply. The Nitrogen inlet fitting is 3 mm-OD tubing, set to 100 PSI.

Made from 304 stainless steel construction. Rugged design for clean room environments with catches for the door designed for constant use. The smart desiccator cabinet is designed with a gasket that holds a tight seal and will withstand low humidity over the service life of the cabinet.

Prices include the humidity control module, sensor, and Automatic RB® Valve, which ensures safe pressure release. Order racks and shelves separately, call us for a complete package quotation.