ValuLine SmartDesiccators

ValuLine™ SmartDesiccator™ Plastic Desiccators 
Value without Compromise

ValuLine Samrt Desiccator
Model shown is 10-chamber Acrylic, Cat. No. 3949-48A
CE Mark
All plastic
and stainless steel SmartDesiccator cabinets
CE Declaration
Smart controller
Easy two-button programming
  • “Smart” relative humidity controller regulates nitrogen purge to maintain user-selected set point
  • Easy two-button programming—takes seconds to install and set target relative humidity level
  • Eliminates nitrogen waste by purging only when needed—cuts N2 expenses by up to 78%
  • Available in acrylic or static-dissipative PVC, which eliminates surface charges that attract particles and create electro-static discharge
  • Reinforced doors and rigid cabinet construction ensure a long service life
  • Chrome-plated rack allows versatile shelf positioning to accommodate various sample sizes (order plastic or electropolished stainless steel shelves separately)
  • For chamber-by-chamber humidity control, and faster humidity recovery times, choose Terra’s Adjust-A-Shelf Desiccators
  humidity level moderate
Terra Universal’s ValuLine SmartDesiccator provides automated humidity control at an affordable price.Available in many cabinet configurations, this desiccator includes a rapid-feedback humidity module that allows set-point monitoring and control. Simply specify set-point value and the system turns the nitrogen feed supply on and off as needed to maintain the desired RH level without process gas. The system thus minimizes nitrogen waste (see sidebar below).Installation takes 30 seconds: simply plug in the 120V/240V switching power supply, connect a single low-voltage line and 0.25″-diameter gas line, and use the pushbutton controls to specify the RH set point.

valuline smart desiccator
Model shown is three-chamber SDPVC, Cat. No. 3949-51A

Hardware is designed for durability and cleanliness. Heavy-duty chrome-plated hinges and reinforced doors with close-cell gaskets provide a long service life. Expansion latches provide a positive seal without internal scraping caused by rotary-style latches. The closing mechanism is positioned outside the cabinet to keep stored materials clean.

Economical acrylic models provide strength and full visibility of stored parts. For applications that require wipe-down with alcohol or other strong cleaning agents, choose chemical-resistant static-dissipative PVC, which also protects stored samples against electro-static discharge (ESD). By safely removing surface charges, it also eliminates particle attractions and enhances cleanliness.

All models below include a Smart humidity-control module, a safety relief/bleed (RB) valve, and chrome-plated wire racks for shelf positioning. Order plastic or electropolished stainless steel shelves below.

Order desired shelves separately:
SS-reinforced plastic (top), electropolished 304 SS perforated (center) or electropolished SS solid (bottom)

Shelves and Tray
Acrylic shelves feature stainless steel front and back reinforcements to prevent bowing. Solid or perforated electropolished 304 stainless steel shelves are sealed in plastic before shipping to minimize contamination.Trays can be used for storage within the desiccator, and are a convenient way to carry parts after they are removed.

Powder-Coated Stand
Raise cabinets 4″. Noncontaminating nylon leveling feet included. Select optional casters below. Recommended for cabinets with more than three chambers to allow floor positioning.

Smart Performance—and Big Savings!
Testing demonstrates the cost benefit of the SmartDesiccator’s automated nitrogen control system.The test at right was conducted on a desiccator equipped with a flowmeter and then with a SmartDesiccator control system, under the condition specified in the chart.

SmartDesiccator uses 22% of nitrogen consumed by standard cabinet—a 78% saving!

Set-Point Recover Tests

A 10-chamber ValuLine SmartDesiccator was tested to determine length of recovery time with a set-point of 5% RH. The chamber remained closed for 60 minutes, achieving the programmed set-point. All 10 doors were opened for 2 minutes, then closed. Set-point recovered after 50 minutes.
five-chamber ValuLine Desiccator

In the first five-chamber ValuLine Desiccator test, the RH set-point was programmed for 10%. The chamber doors were opened one-at-a-time for the time periods specified on the chart. Chamber 1 is the top chamber, while chamber 5 is at the bottom of the cabinet. Nitrogen was fed through a line that entered the bottom of the cabinet, and the purge valve located at the top of the cabinet released excess nitrogen. Each chamber recovered set-point in 5-8 minutes.Note: The fluctuations seen in Chamber 5 resulted from the ebb and flow of nitrogen caused by other doors being opened, as controlled by the programmable humidity module.
second five-chamber ValuLine Desiccator

The second five-chamber ValuLine Desiccator cabinet test evaluated set-point recovery after only one door (Chamber 5) was opened for 10 seconds. The relative humidity of Chamber 5 increased to 35% and regained the 10% RH set-point after 6 minutes. The other chambers were affected by the open door, but only got above 15% RH; set-point for all chambers was achieved in that 6 minute window.
second five-chamber ValuLine Desiccator