Nitrogen Generators

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A nitrogen membrane provides a cost effective way of separating air into its constituent gases. Because this technology has no moving parts and consumes very little power, it is economical to operate and maintain – the main cost is the compressed used to feed the system.

Each unit contains the following:

  • Gas pressure control valves and instruments
  • Coalescing filter
  • Carbon filter (which removes particles and liquid vapors from the feed line)
  • Nitrogen membrane module.

The membrane module consists of bundles of hollow fibres, semipermeable membranes. The wall thickness of each fibre is very consistent, which adds to the physical strength of each membrane. Because the fibres are so small (about the diameter of a human hair) they can be packed very densely, providing a very large membrane surface area which in turn enables a high volume nitrogen flow to be produced.

The hollow fibres are assembled into a parallel bundle and then inserted into the outer casing to form the air separation module. Compressed air enters the centre of the fibres at one end and contacts the membrane as it flows down to fibre bores. Oxygen, water vapour and other “fast gases” pass through the outside of the fibres.

The oxygen-rich gas stream then flows through the fibre bundle to the outside of the case, where it is discharged as waste.

While almost all the oxygen passes through the membrane material to the outside of the hollow fibres, most of the nitrogen present in the feed air is contained within the hollow fibre membrane. In addition, the  water vapour passes through the membrane with the oxygen, thus the nitrogen produced is almost moisture-free.

Design Simplicity Means Easy, Reliable Operation.

Because there are no moving parts, it requires no maintenance. The only servicing required will be an occasional recalibration of the oxygen analyzer and filter change.

If one membrane modules performance drops below specifications, it can simply be isolated until it can be repaired or replaced.

Once the system is set up and switched on, after about three minutes, when gas purity levels are met, the outlet valve will open to deliver the nitrogen gas.

Each Nitrogen Generator consists of:-

  • Membrane module
  • Controls and instrumentation
  • Coalescing filters and traps to remove oil and liquids, organic contaminants, and other particulates from the feed air.

Installation merely requires a clean dry compressed air feed.




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