Public Health England are undergoing a refurbishment programme in their laboratories and upgrading a controlled atmosphere storage facility after the existing system was condemned as unfit for purpose.

Waycon Design were called to replace all storage using nitrogen desiccator Cabinets. Waycon designed a modular system of individual Nitrogen Purged Cabinets.  The units had to fit into very tight confined space yet had to have good product visibility and meet the rigorous nitrogen purge requirements.  The Cabinets were produced in clear cast acrylic with stainless steel shelves and mounted in an external aluminium frame. The frame allowed the Cabinets to be assembled on site and racked easily within hours

The Nitrogen flow and monitoring was key to the whole project and a very simple input and output flow measurement system installed to each individual Cabinet to enable leakage rates to be precisely and visibly monitored

The end customer says that the bespoke solution has met and exceeded their requirements. As part of this program Waycon also developed enclosures for equipment that provided sound proofing with hydraulic rams for the doors. We also build specialist enclosures for gases with experiments inside.

Everything was designed with full 3D Solid works CAD drawings and build as a bespoke project.

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