Clean Room Solutions

We offer a wide range of clean room solutions, predominantly clean room storage products.

Our storage solutions can be completely tailored to your needs and can be freestanding, sit on a counter top or can be wall mounted to make maximum use of space.

Clean room dispensers and storage can house a number of different products to ensure items are always to hand and easily accessible.  Our large range of solutions includes features such as locking dispensers (to prevent tampering) individual dispensers designed to dispense one item at a time, or dispenser bins which can be filled with product.

Designed and manufactured to your specification we can design dispensers around your containers, or can produce dispensers that can hold contents outside of their original containers.

Our large range of dispensers include:-

  • Glove dispensers
  • Wipe dispensers
  • Safety Glasses Cabinets
  • Face mask dispenser
  • Ear protection dispensers
  • Beard cover dispensers
  • Hair net dispensers
  • Safety goggle shelves
  • … and much more!





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