Dry storage Desiccators

Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSD’s) have become more widely used within industries that demand a higher level of sophistication. If these MSD’s are not stored to industry standards such as with standard IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 then they are susceptible to damage during manufacturing. Improper storage of the MSD’s can lead to a costly reduction in yield and desiccators can offer a method of moisture removal / control other than with baking. Alternatives for dry storage of MSD’s include;

  • Moisture Barrier Bags (MBB’s)
  • Dry Storage Boxes
  • Nitrogen Cabinets

Static Sensitive Devices can be safely stored in Stainless Steel or Static Dissipating PVC Cabinets. In these cases, or when Stainless Steel shelves are used, either conductive metal strips and/or a ground cord for connection to earth are provided.

Quarantine or security requirements are met by the availability of chrome door locks as options, fitted at the factory, to specific doors.


Warming Cabinets (Dry Storage)

Drying / Warming Cabinets are suitable for drying a range of items such as glassware and instruments, mechanical components and any general purpose warming/drying applications.

These industrial grade units feature:

  • Easy clean powder coated or stainless steel body
  • Thermostat control for set temperature
  • Insulated for increased accuracy
  • Toughened glass doors
  • Fan circulation
  • C.E. compliant
  • Heated by Incoloy sheathed elements positioned in the base of the unit.

Constructed in either clear Perspex, Stainless Steel and Tempered Glass or PVC Static Dissipating Plastic Plate, Waycon dry storage Cabinets combine excellent all-round visibility, strength and a high quality finish with safe storage in dust free conditions.

Control is via a direct reading thermostat with calibrated scale and tamper proof lock. The units also have a mains switch with indicator and heat indicator.

The Cabinets feature single and multiple compartments with doors retained by quarter-turn chrome latches. Closed cell PVC gaskets ensure an airtight seal. Shelves, in acrylic or stainless steel, are equally spaced but can be supplied in alternate positions.

Dry storage Cabinets may be freestanding or an optional metal stand in a white epoxy finish can be supplied.

Non-slip rubber feet are a standard feature to prevent sideways movement. They also enable smaller Cabinets to be stacked to form storage banks.


Nitrogen Generators

A nitrogen membrane provides a low-cost, highly efficient means of separating air into its component gases. Because this technology requires no moving parts and consumes relatively little energy, it is surprisingly economical to operate and maintain—the main expense is the energy required to provide a stream of compressed feed air. Each system contains gas pressure control valves and instruments, a coalescing filter and carbon filter (which removes particles and liquid vapours from the feed line), and the nitrogen membrane module.

  • State of the art membrane separation technology produces dry nitrogen up to 99.9% purity
  • Eliminates drawbacks of conventional nitrogen sources—gives you control of rate and purity of nitrogen production
  • Delivers gas flows up to 400 SCFH or more depending on nitrogen purity requirements (even higher flows possible if only dryness is desired)
  • Compact, lightweight design allows set-up wherever there’s a compressed air supply
  • Ideal for the complete range of cleanroom applications—from glove boxes to automatic storage systems
  • Simplicity of field-proven design ensures completely reliable, economical operation, virtually eliminates maintenance
  • Three models available with three flow ranges.

Because the heart of the system, the membrane module, contains no moving parts, it requires no maintenance. The only attention a system typically needs is an occasional recalibration of the oxygen analyser and filter change. Even if one module’s performance should drop below purity specifications, it can simply be valved off until it can be repaired or replaced.  Once the system is set up, you simply switch to START and push the RESET button to open the feed valve. After about three minutes, when gas purity levels are met, a product valve opens to deliver the nitrogen gas to your process line.

Each Nitrogen Generator consists of a membrane module, controls and instrumentation, and coalescing filters and traps to remove oil and liquids, organic contaminants, and other particulates from the feed air. Installation merely requires piping compressed air to the system, piping the nitrogen and oxygen-rich streams to their destinations, and calibrating the system’s oxygen analyser from time to time


Smart Desiccators

Smart Desiccator systems maximize yields of sensitive materials with an automatic monitoring and control system that works by the operator setting the humidity Level.

The feedback system continuously monitors the cabinet’s relative humidity and then regulates the dry nitrogen supply. This is more economical than a constant purge system that is slightly more cost effective in the capital outlay.  It has an LED display and sensor module making it very user friendly.  The only installation considerations are one Nitrogen supply and one low voltage power supply. The Nitrogen inlet fitting is 3 mm-OD tubing, set to 100 PSI.

Made from 304 stainless steel construction. Rugged design for clean room environments with catches for the door designed for constant use. The smart desiccator cabinet is designed with a gasket that holds a tight seal and will withstand low humidity over the service life of the cabinet.

Prices include the humidity control module, sensor, and Automatic RB® Valve, which ensures safe pressure release. Order racks and shelves separately, call us for a complete package quotation.



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