Machine Guards

The safety of production line workers and those working in manufacturing is paramount, especially when machinery is involved.  Machine guards not only offer substantial safety benefits, but can also maintain hygiene standards.

We offer a completely bespoke service and can provide PETG or Polycarbonate machine guards, designed to your requirements.  PETG and Polycarbonate both offer exceptional strength and rigidity along with great optical clarity to ensure operators can still clearly see their work area.  PETG is also approved for food contact, so can be used in food production lines.

With onsite design and manufacture we have the capabilities to produce machine guarding to your exact specification and can produce full units to reto-fit to existing machinery, or can simply supply the formed material for you to create custom guards.

Machine guards have many different applications including:-

  • Production line barriers
  • Production line hoppers
  • Machine covers
  • Tunnel guards
  • Machine Guards
  • Acoustic covers



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